An Extraordinary Story

My brother is dead. I know now that his death was not an accident, as I had been led to believe. For reasons that will later become clear he revealed to me the secrets he was forced to keep, and the lies which eventually sealed his fate. His last wish was that I reveal the truth and expose those who took his life. This story is of the last months of his life, taken from his journals and told through his own words. It is an extraordinary story.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Monday 16th May 2005

I sometimes wonder what's wrong with this world. We come into contact with plenty of weirdos at the Agency, but the guy we were told about today has got to be the scariest one I've come across so far. Six years I've been working here, but never have I seen brutality like that. Poor girl. Basic training tells us not to take things personally, but it's hard when you're faced with something like that. I'll no doubt be having nightmares again tonight.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

An Introduction

I suppose you're wondering what wrong turn you must have made to stumble upon this bizarre page. You must think me some delusional fool, his mind groaning under the weight of its latest fantasy. I assure you, this is no fantasy.
It has been one year to the day since my brother, Jakob, died in my arms. We had never been close, Jakob and I, but we were still brothers. As children I was always the indian; he the cowboy. I worshipped him; he bullied me.
I had not heard from him for several months when he called on the morning of that fateful day. His usually strong voice sounded strangely weak on the phone as he asked if he could visit that afternoon.
We arranged to meet at four. My brother had become secretive over the last few years and strange events seemed to follow him around. but the last thing I expected to be doing on that September afternoon was cradling his beaten and broken form as his life ended.
Before he died, Jakob revealed a series of stunning deceits to me; secrets which he told me would bring down governments and change uncountable lives forever. He made me promise to bring those secrets to light at any cost. I now fear that the cost may be my life. Nevertheless I am resolute in my task.
I will follow Jakob’s instructions and post the journal entries in the way they were written; that is, one day following another, except where vacant pages break up his narrative. His desire for this story to be told in this manner and so long after the events described will hopefully become clear in time. With luck many people across the world will read this and my brother's secrets will finally be revealed.